Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Have you ever noticed how people react to someone who has had plastic surgery?  In casual conversation, I often hear people say how they would never do that or how they think it is foolish or how it is superficial etc.  I've also often heard the comments about how people should just be happy with what God gave them, but in reality isn't this just judging others for their life choices?

The thing is, what someone else does with their body has no impact upon me or my life.  If Joan Rivers wishes to have 40 different cosmetic procedures or if a guy down the street decides he wants a nose job, why should I care?

The simple truth is, most people are superficial in some way.  While some may judge someone for a tummy tuck, some breast implants, or a facelift, those very same people are comfortable with dying their hair, sitting under a tanning lamp for that perfect "glow", whitening their teeth, or wearing colored contact lenses.  So where do we draw the line on what is acceptable and what isn't?

Should we really just settle for what God gave us, or should we attempt to "improve" upon it?  God gave me crooked teeth, but I was thankful a dentist was able to give me invisalign aligners to straighten them.  God also gave me poor vision, and although I could have settled for glasses or contact lenses, I opted for LASIK surgery instead.  In the past, I have also paid for teeth whitening, tanning booths, and even highlights in my hair (no metrosexual jokes required).
So is it ok for people to get laser surgery or to straighten their teeth, but not ok for get a nosejob or a brow lift?  Is sitting under a tanning booth perfectly fine and getting hair extensions societally acceptable while hair plugs for a man or liposuction for a woman is somehow considered crossing the line?

Actually, taken a step further - what is the purpose of a pierced ear or a tattoo?  Both are forms of body modification and both (in our culture at least) are done for primarily cosmetic reasons. Personally, it all seems a little hypocritical... not to mention completely arbitrary.

As far as I'm concerned what someone does with their body is entirely up to them.  If they can afford it or if they make it a priority in their lives because they feel it will help them feel better about themselves I could care less.  Obviously if they make their kids eat oatmeal three times a day to save up for a cosmetic procedure that is a different issue altogether, but for the most part I really don't understand why someone cares what another person chooses to do with his or her body.

The fact is, our society (like it or not) is focused upon beauty and physical attractiveness, so I completely understand in this modern world why some people are so determined to have cosmetic procedures.  As children we were always told it is what is in the inside of a person that counts, but as Jim Carrey in the film "Liar Liar" so truthfully stated... "That's just something ugly people say".

I realize the film was a comedy, but you have to admit there is some truth in those words no matter how much we might like to think otherwise.

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