Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun Size!

With Halloween upon us, it got me thinking about the candy that is given out and how blatantly misleading candy companies are.

I think there should be a law against "bite size" or "snack size" candy bars.  I mean...what’s the point?  Instead of eating one regular size candy bar, you just end up eating 23 of the smaller ones... but I guess you can justify that by using all that energy to open those little bitty packages right?

However I draw the line on the slightly larger size which is called “fun size”.  What the heck is actually fun about having to open up little candy bars when your brain is telling you that you really want the full size (real) version?  That isn’t fun.  That isn’t even remotely fun, and I challenge anyone to find someone out there who thinks getting only a portion of a candy bar is “fun”.

I suppose next time I fill up with gas I’ll just fill up to the ¼ tank line.  That way I can claim it is “fun” gas.  No need for a full tank here… I’m driving with a tank load of fun!  And the next time I decide to buy shampoo I’m going to skip the big bottle and just buy about 25 of those little travel sizes.  Obviously they are more fun, so that’s something to look forward to each day.  Finally, the next time I fly coach I’ll ask the flight attendant if they could wedge me between two morbidly obese people just so I get the experience of having a seat which is about 60% smaller than normal... because that would make the flight between Denver and New York a whole lot more fun right?

I guess in some cases this might actually be useful to certain men who were born with less than average sized "equipment".  If their girlfriends / wives / random one night stands ever complain... all they have to do is say that if fun size is good enough for The Hershey Company and Mars Inc, then it is good enough for them!

Life, after all, is all about the fun.