Monday, February 23, 2009

What ever happened to Steve Guttenberg?

Let’s face it, when this guy started in a movie back in the 80s and early 90s it was practically guaranteed success. He had the string of Police Academy films, Short Circuit, Three Men and a Baby, Cocoon, and he even went so far as to star in a movie with the Olsen twins. I’m telling you the man was box office gold!

Not that any of these films have stood the test of time mind you. Guttenberg will probably always be known as “the guy from those Police Academy movies” much like pretty much every one of his co-stars, but the point is at the time those movies were made there weren’t very many actors in Hollywood with better name recognition.

Then all of the sudden - *poof*. The guy disappears off the radar…sort of makes you wonder who he pissed off. I mean the guy is Jewish so one might think he was a lock in Hollywood, but something snapped. I did an IMDB search on him and see his is still working, (if you count a brief stint on Dancing with the Stars working) but obviously nowhere near his former glory. Maybe that is why he is so angry these days.

Hollywood is a fickle city, but such stories of former glory are usually associated with child stars, not leading men.

Oh how we have fallen.

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